Wednesday, August 11, 2010

God Is Good!

Recently, a couple of serious problems happened to my wife and I which were singular in the way they were resolved. I can only attribute the resolution to God's Grace. I have no other logical explanation.

The plumbing in this old house stopped up completely. All the drains in the house would not drain. I plunged the toilet until my arms were sore. I used a cheap snake in an attempt to clear the drain to no avail. We couldn't take showers or wash clothes or flush the toilet without the drains backing up into the bathtub, leaving a black, crusty mess in the bathtub.

Eventually, I broke down and called a plumber, who assessed the situation and promptly wrote out an estimate of $772.00 to remove the toilet and run an electric snake down through the main drain.

I didn't have $772.00 to my name, so the plumber left and my drains remained clogged. So, then, I called a local plumber, who the first plumber had told me would be less expensive. He wasn't. In fact, he diagnosed the situation as tree roots that had broken through the old pipes and destroyed them, His estimate was between 3,500 and 5,000 dollars.

So, I called homeowners insurance, who told me it was possible they wouldn't pay the claim, if the pipes were destroyed by deterioration rather than by roots. Nevertheless, I had the homeowners insurance agent come out to inspect the pipes. She called a plumber to do the inspection for them, and he, in turn, brought out a backhoe and he dug up our front yard.

After uncovering the pipe in the front yard, he broke a hole in the pipe for the purpose of running a camera down the pipe to determine whether the roots caused the problem or if it was deterioration. Before he could run the camera, he had to clear the pipe of any obstructions.

In so doing, he actually cleared the pipe, and removed the clog.

He fixed the problem! Since he was in the midst of an inspection paid for by the insurance company, we were not charged. The insurance company paid for the work and we are not required to reimburse them. The only thing we have to pay for is the installation of a clean out pipe, a cost of fifty dollars.

Two days before the insurance investigation, a window air conditioner in our living room, which previously had been draining to the outside of the house, apparently shifted by itself, resulting in an immense puddle of water on the hardwood floor in our living room, which cause a discoloration of the wood. While the insurance adjuster was present, I put in a claim for that as well. She estimated a price for refinishing not only the living room floor, but repainting the wall and refinishing the dining room, too.

She wrote us a check for $1700.00 which coincidentally, was the approximate amount needed to repair the damage on the bathroom floor which was not covered by homeowners insurance. The damage to the living room floor is minor, and I can repair that with a quart of wood stain and a quart of wall paint.

I attribute the resolution to these problems to the grace of God, Who I believe watches over his children, and helps them out whether they ask His help or not.

Throughout this entire ordeal, I didn't think once about praying to God for help. It isn't that I don't have faith. I simply didn't think about it.

Sometimes, we don't think to ask God for help with problems that are not of a spiritual nature. Sometimes, we try to handle things ourselves and don't even consider that we have an alternative to worry.

But God is good and just and faithful to us whether we place our trust in Him or not. This is an affirmation of the nature of God.

The Bible tells us He knows the desires of our heart. He hasn't promised he will grant us all we desire, but He tells us He will grant us the desires of our hearts.

We know what we desire. We often do not know what our heart desires. But God does.

Praise the Lord!