Wednesday, April 09, 2008


One of the new age humanists religious philosophies that are prevalent in today's society is the religion of inclusiveness. This religious philosophy espouses there is only good, and there is no such thing as Hell or Satan. They claim to believe there is no real God, but instead, a sort of God consciousness which is some mystical power of all good and no evil. There is no such thing as sin, or any negatives, for that matter. There is only good. All people, regardless of their religious philosophy or religion, will go to Heaven, or at least the new-agers concept of whatever Heaven must be. I could write a great deal more about this subject but this video touches on the subject somewhat.

Apparently, Oprah Winfrey is one of the new age goddesses of our time.

My brother, the retired foreign missionary, sent this to me. I've always suspected something wasn't right about Oprah, but I always believed she had some Christian up-bringing. This video would suggest she isn't Christian at all. It is disturbing to know that she has such tremendous influence. I wonder. How many innocent people is she leading into Hell?

Many people who believe the kind of things represented in this video don't believe in Satan and Hell, yet they say they believe in God. If that were true, how do they respond to the fact that there are many more references to Hell and Satan in the Bible than there are Heaven?